A 50 Cent Guitar Night is open to anyone, regardless of musical ability. You don't have to play the guitar, any instrument is welcome, but if you just want to sit and listen, that's fine too. The only thing you have to bring is 50 Cents - that's the admission fee, but if you play a new original song, we pay you 50 Cents!

Other than that, there's nothing all that unique about a 50 Cent Guitar Night. Musicians have been having guitar nights for decades, but it is a lingering pastime threatened by technology.

It's odd to think that just over a century ago, before Edison's invention of the phonograph, the only way you could hear music was by live performance. Now, with radio televison and the Internet, the only place you get to hear live music without paying dearly is at a school choir, at church or the odd coffee shop. The good old fashioned 'sing-song' has gone by the wayside for the most part.

The 50 Cent Guitar strives to bring that all back and to play and hear music the way it should be, in its raw and most creative form, full of flaws and passion.