50 Cent Guitar

It was late summer, nearing the end of garage sale season when my quest for a cheap guitar began. I didn't have to go far. I had just turned the corner at the end of my street when I spotted it. Being 4:00pm, most of the good items would certainly be gone, but there sat the forelorned guitar.

I got out of my car and walked up to inspect the instrument. It was a little worn. Only one string remained, there was a hole in the back and one of the frets was hanging off. (I didn't notice at the time that the neck was also loose.)

I asked the man, "How much?"

"How about 50 cents?" He drawled.

How far wrong could go for just 50 cents? So I paid the man and took my prize home.

My wife said I paid too much. She had no idea (and neither did I) just how much I had bought for 50 cents!

With absolutely no idea what I was doing, I set out to restore the soon to be iconic guitar. With the help of the Internet and my woodworking experience, within a week I had a working, playing instrument and a new found passion.

Rescued from the garbage bin, it had found new life. We are all like that, and "God will pick us up, no matter how we're broke". It was with that inspiration that The 50 Cent Guitar Club was born and I began to learn to play and discover song.

Doug Collins, Founder of The 50 Cent Guitar Club.